Troubleshoot Structured Data not Showing in Google

Updated 15 Apr, 2019

In some cases, your structured data do not show in search results, even if your page is marked up correctly according to the Structured Data Testing Tool. So, you are wondering what could be the reason?

This article includes useful resources and may assist you with this issue, or at least will point you to the right direction.

Before we start!

A very important thing to put in mind, Google Structured Data Testing Tool is just like any other software, it may have bugs.

So, in some cases; the Tool will show errors even when markup is valid, or show valid when markup isn’t really valid, also you may get an error in the Testing Tool while you can see structured data working in Google search results.

Why Structured Data Not Showing

Using structured data enables a feature to be present, it does not guarantee that it will be present. The Google algorithm tailors search results to create what it thinks is the best search experience for a user, depending on many variables, including search history, location, and device type.

Here are some common reasons why your structured data is not showing

  • The marked-up structured data is not representative of the main content of the page or potentially misleading.
  • Marked-up data is incorrect in a way that the Testing tool was not able to catch.
  • Marked-up content is hidden from the user.
  • You're marking up your page using two formats, microdata and JSON-LD. You should choose one format in our case the JSON-LD format.
  • The site has very few pages (or very few pages with marked-up structured data) and may not be picked up by Google's Structured Data system.
  • Not enough time has passed (4-12 weeks seems to be the common time quoted)
  • Google have decided not to show the data.

Knowledge Panel

There is no guarantee that a snippet will appear in the Knowledge Panel even with correct markup. This is because search features depend on many factors, including the search device type, location, and whether Google thinks the feature would provide the best search experience for the user.

  • Make sure your site has descriptive and valid page titles.
  • Make sure your Social Profiles are verified by the respective platform.
  • Make sure your branding is very clear and consistent across your website and social platforms to increase the likelihood of the two being closely associated.


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