The Sitelinks Searchbox Snippet

There's a good chance that your users, once they have found your website through a Google Search, they will perform a second search directly to your website through the Google Search. In order for them to do that you need the Sitelinks Searchbox functionality to be enabled and setup. Follow the steps below to see how it's done.

  • Navigate to Extensions > Plugins
  • Search for System - Google Structured Data Markup and click it
  • Click on the Site Data Tab
  • You'll see a panel named Sitelinks Searchbox which holds the following important input fields that need your attention.
    • Search Method: Choose the search method which will be used for the sitelinks search from Google.
      The Search Component and the Smart Search Component options will use the com_search and the com_finder components respectively.
      Use the Custom Search URL to provide your own custom Search URL.
    • Custom Search URL: Type your Custom Search URL in the same format as the placeholder. For example:{search_term}
      (Active if chosen as a Search Method)
  • Continue filling any other values of the other panels that you might recognise and then click Save & Close.


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