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Troubleshoot Structured Data not Generated on the Page

Updated 07 Jan, 2023

Structured data may not get generated on your site, and you wonder what the problem is. The following are some common causes of this problem. 

Ensure the Google Structured Data system plugin is activated

Go to Extensions -> Manage, search for "System - Google Structured Data" and make sure the plugin appears in the list and it is activated.

The structured data item is unpublished

Go to Google Structured Data -> Items and make sure the item is published.

The structured data item is assigned to the wrong pages

Go to Google Structured Data -> Items, click to edit your Item, and make sure you assigned the item to the correct pages using the Publishing Rules section.

You're checking the wrong page

Make sure you're checking the correct marked-up page. Remember, our extension supports marking up only the detailed page of the component. The Category/List/Blog views are not supported. 

The cache is not cleared

If you're using a cache mechanism, clear it and try again.

Deactivate potential conflicting plugins

To limit any potential conflicts with other plugins, temporarily deactivate other potential conflicting plugins one by one. It is recommended to deactivate security, firewall, optimization (JCH Optimize), and caching plugins (Page Cache). You can reactivate the plugins after you’ve successfully solved your issue.

Update to the latest version

Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Update section of your website and check if there are any updates available. If updates are available, click Update.