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The DJ Events Integration

Updated 09 Jul, 2020

Google Structured Data integrates perfectly with the DJ Events component and enables you to add Structured Data and specifically the Event Content Type to DJ Events pages.

Enable Integration

As with all of the integrations, you need to navigate to Components > Google Structured Data > Configuration and click the Integrations Tab where all the Integrations are listed.


Find the "DJ Events" Integration in the list and make sure that it is enabled with the green checkmark indicator as shown in the screenshot below.

DJ Events Structured Data

Add Event Structured Data to DJ Events Pages

Let's see how you can add the Event Content Type to DJ Events pages. From the Components menu, choose Google Structured Data, nagivate to the Items section and click on the New button to create a new Structured Data Item.


On the next page, you will see the following 3 options where you will need to select the Event Content Type and the Events Integration as shown in the screenshot below.


Click Save to return to the same page. Once the item is saved 2 new sections appearing.

  • Event: This section helps you map the content type properties with Page options, Meta Properties, Site info and more.
  • Publishing Rules: This is where you can select the pages where the structured data is going to be generated to.

To learn more details on how you can use these sections visit the How to Add Structured Data to Pages documentation page.

Publishing Rules

In case, you don't want to generate the Event Content Type to all pages, you can use the available Publishing Rules to target specific pages. The DJ Events Integration implements the following publishing rules:

Name Description
Event Target specific DJ Events only.
Category Target all Events assigned to specific DJ Events categories.

To learn more about the Publishing Rules section visit the How to add Structured Data to Pages documentation page.

Remember, in case you don't enable any publishing rules, the structured data will be generated on all DJ Events pages.


When you select "Image" from the Mapping Options, it will always select the first image in the "Event Media" section on your DJ Events item.

When you select "Video" from the Mapping Options, it will either return the video you have selected as "Poster" in the "Event Media" section or will find the first video in the "Event Media" section and return its URL.

The Structured Data is generated only in the Event Detail View where a single Event is displayed. The Category or List views are not currently supported.