Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated 26 Dec, 2020

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about Convert Forms

How can I sync submissions with my favorite app?

Convert Forms integrates with 15+ popular marketing and CRM apps and there's a lot of chances your favorite app is included in the list. In case the app you are looking for is not included, you can use our Zapier Integration which contains over 2,000+ apps to sync your submissions with.

Read more on How to sync submissions with your favorite app

How can I add a Reset button to the form?

Although Convert Forms doesn't have a Reset button, you can use an extra Submit button that can be transformed into a Reset button using Javascript. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Add an extra Submit button to the form
  2. Set its CSS Class option to reset
  3. Place the following JS code to the Custom Code option of your form
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
    var btn = document.querySelector('.cf-control-group.reset button');
    btn.setAttribute('type', 'reset');

Don't forget to wrap the code with the <script> tag

How do I track form submissions with Google Analytics?

To track form submissions as events in your Google Analytics account, you will need to enable the Convert Forms - Google Analytics Tracker plugin. To read more details visit How to Track Form Events with Google Analytics guide.

How can I run PHP after form submission or during field validation?

With the Convert Forms PHP Scripts section and the proper knowledge of PHP and MySQL you can execute custom PHP scripts and do just about anything. To read more details visit the PHP Scripts guide.

How can I run Javascript after form successful submission?

Convert Forms provides a set of events that help you run any Javascript code when the is form is submitted successfully as well as many other cases.

To read more details about running Javascript on successful form submission, visit the How to run Javascript after a form has been submitted successfully guide.

How can I center the form?

To center the form, you will need to enter the cf-iscentered helper CSS class into the Class Suffix option of your form which can be found under the Design -> Advanced panel.

How can I change or translate the field validation error messages?

Currently, you can't translate the error messages as Convert Forms uses the browser's native form validation to display the error messages for each field. This means that the error messages are automatically displayed translated into the browser's configured language.

For instance, Google Chrome users with English as the preferred language will see "Please, fill out this field" while Google Chrome users with German as the preferred language will see "Füllen Sie dieses Feld aus".

Having more control over the displayed error messages is high in our list and in a future release will be possible to set a custom error message for each field.

Does Convert Forms use cookies?

Yes, it does use the following cookies.

Visitor ID Cookie
A cookie with the name nrid is set during pageload and it's mainly used to identify uniquely each visitor. It also helps the extension to tell whether the visitor has seen a particular box.

No personal information such as IP address, User Agent string or the Joomla! User ID is stored in any cookie case.

How can I install it on Joomla! 2.5 or on older versions than Joomla! 3.8?

Unfortunately, you can't. Convert Forms requires Joomla v3.8 or higher version to work.

Can I embed a form in e-mail?

Embedding a form in an e-mail is not recommended as forms are not supported by all major clients. Thus, we recommend linking to a form on a website in an email rather than embedding it there. This is the safest, most reliable solution to pairing an email message with a form. More people will see it and be able to use it, and as result participation will increase.

How can I add a Google Ads Conversion Code?

To add a Google Ads Conversion Code, you will need to grab your conversion code and place it in your Form > Design > Advanced > Custom Code text area.

How can I create a custom Joomla User Registration Form?

To create a custom registration form you can follow our guide here: How to create a custom Joomla User Registration Form

How can I create Multi-Page Forms?

Until Multi-Page forms are supported in Convert Forms, there is a workaround that let's you pass data from one form to another, thus allowing you to create a multi-page form. Read more here: How to create multi-page Forms

Can I create multilingual forms?

Convert Forms supports creating multilingual forms in order to display different forms per language on your site.

Read more on our documentation: How to create Multilingual Forms

How can I add a placeholder text on a Dropdown field?

You can set a placeholder text such as "Select an option" as the default value in a Dropdown field to inform your users to select a value.

Read more on our documentation: How to add a placeholder text to a Dropdown field

How to embed a form in an external website using iFrame

To embed a form within an iFrame you need to create an article, add the form to that article using either the shortcode or module method, navigate to the article on your front-end and add ?tmpl=component at the end of the URL.

If your article URL was:, you would will set it to: You can then use the new URL within an iFrame to display the form anywhere on your site.

How can I change the success message background color?

To change the success message background color, you can add the following CSS snippet in your form > Design > Advanced > Custom CSS: .cf-response {
     background: #333;

Set the background color to anything you desire as well as change the number 5 to match your form's ID.

How can I remove all Convert Forms styling?

You may want your template to handle all the styling of all forms in your site, including Convert Forms. To do that first, you will need to disable Load Stylesheet under Global Configuration > Convert Forms > General.

Then you will need to remove the inline styling that is being added in each form field. You can add the following PHP snippet in your form > Behavior > PHP Scripts > Form Display.

$formLayout = preg_replace('/style=\\"[^\\"]*\\"/', '', $formLayout);

Once you save the form, all fields will no longer have inline styling. Now your template can handle all the styling of the forms.

How can I set the placeholder text color?

To set the placeholder text color you can use the following CSS snippet on your Form > Design > Advanced > Custom CSS section.

#cf1 input::-webkit-input-placeholder { /* WebKit, Blink, Edge */
    color: red;
#cf1 input:-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 4 to 18 */
   color: red;
   opacity: 1;
#cf1 input::-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 19+ */
   color: red;
   opacity: 1;
#cf1 input:-ms-input-placeholder { /* Internet Explorer 10-11 */
   color: red;
#cf1 input::-ms-input-placeholder { /* Microsoft Edge */
   color: red;
#cf1 input::placeholder { /* Most modern browsers support this now. */
   color: red;
#cf1 textarea::placeholder { /* Most modern browsers support this now. */
   color: red;

Remember to replace cf1 with your Form ID, i.e. #cf55 as well as set the color of the placeholder.

I did a few tests and now I'd reset the submissions counter. How can I do that?

To reset the submissions counter you will need to run the following SQL query which will reset both convertforms_conversions and convertforms_submission_meta database tables.

TRUNCATE j_convertforms_conversions;
  ALTER TABLE j_convertforms_conversions AUTO_INCREMENT = 1;
  TRUNCATE j_convertforms_submission_meta;
  ALTER TABLE j_convertforms_submission_meta AUTO_INCREMENT = 1;

Note: Remember to replace j_ with your database prefix before running the queries.