How to export Form Submissions to CSV

Published in Convert Forms
Updated 29 Nov, 2019

Being able to export your Leads to a .CSV (comma separated values) file is a characteristic which accommodates the need of importing them into a third-party CRM or some other managerial system. The process of exporting them is quite easy. Let's see the available methods you can use to export your Leads to a .CSV file.

Via the Leads Screen

Navigate to Components > Convert Forms > Leads. Click on the checkbox for each Lead you'd like to have exported. Or you can click on the checkbox on the above horizontal bar to check them all. Then, click Export on the above horizontal bar to download your Leads in a .CSV format. The screenshot below should help visualize these two steps.

convert forms export leads

Via the Campaigns Screen

Navigate to Components > Convert Forms > Campaigns. Click on the "download icon" as shown in the screenshot below. This way you will export all the Leads which are associated with the particular campaign.

export leads from a campaign

Excel Security Option

Since Convert Forms 2.0.4, a new option called Excel Security added to the Convert Forms configuration page which if enabled, values in the CSV exported file starting with a =, +, - or @ will be prefixed by a tab to avoid any CSV injection when opening the exported file using Excel.

convert forms excel security

The Excel Security option can be disabled if you are 100% certain that the data are trustworth or if you're facing difficulties importing the CSV file to a 3rd party application.

To find out more details about the CSV Injection click here.