How to add Structured Data to Joomla Articles

Google Structured Data integrates perfectly with Joomla's default Content Manager for all the item based snippets available. This means that you can select any Content Item belonging to Joomla's default Content Manager and generate any of the available Content Type Snippets for it. Let's see how you can take advantage of this integration.

How to enable

Apart from the traditional way of creating a Content Type Snippet as described in their respective documentation articles, you can also set the Joomla Articles Integration to be available directly from any article while editing it.

This option is called Fast Edit and to enable it you have to navigate to Components > Google Structured Data > Configuration


Then, click the "Integrations" Tab where all the Integrations are listed.


Find the "Joomla! Articles" Integration in the list below and click the gsd3-integration-settings-button button.


A popup will immediately appear containing the setting(s) about this specific integration. In this case, we are looking to enable the "Fast Edit" option if it's not already enabled.


If it isn't already enabled, you need to enable it and then click "Save & Close" before closing the popup. Otherwise, you can just close the popup.

Now, you can go to any of your articles in Joomla's Content Manager and you will notice a tab called "Google Structured Data" containing any existing snippets to be modified and a shortcut to immediately create a new snippet.



Joomla! by default supports most of the article structured data in a microdata form if the default article layout hasn't been overriden by a custom template. Although Joomla!'s implementation has certain disadvantages in relation to Google Structured Data.

  1. Joomla!'s default microdata doesn't support all of the properties recognized by Google.
  2. The user can not fine-tune the values as they are automatically generated based on the article itself.
  3. If the article layout has been overriden then there is a good chance that the structured data aren't generated at all.
  4. Joomla!'s default microdata do not contain the rating property which is of an utmost significant for your Google Search appearance.

It's also important to mention that in the structured data the article's Intro Image is included, if it exists. If it doesn't then it uses the Full Article Image. These images can be set through the Images and Links tab in the same screen. We highly recommend that you go ahead and set at least one of them up.