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How to add Job Posting Schema to Joomla

Updated 14 Dec, 2019
Content Type Job Posting
References Google Guidelines
Schema.org Page
Availability Pro Only Since v4.0.0

The Job Posting Content Type helps employers and job content site owners to improve the job seeking experience by adding Job Posting structured data to their job posting web pages.

How to markup Joomla Pages with the Job Posting Schema

From the main menu choose Components -> Google Structured Data. Click on Items from the left sidebar and then on the New button to create a new Structured Data Item.

How to markup Joomla Pages with the Job Posting Schema

On the next page, you will need to prepare the Structured Data Item. Enter a Title (it can be anything) and select the Job Posting Content Type from the respective dropdown.

The Job Posting Structured Data

Τhe Integration option may vary depending on the component you want to markup at that time. View the Supported Integrations.

Next, click to save the Structured Data Item. Once the page reloads, a new section called Job Posting appears below where you can map each property with page data.

The Job Posting Schema JSON-LD Properites

To read more details on how the mapping works, visit the respective section in the How to Add Structured Data to Pages guide.

Job Posting Schema Properties

Here's a table of the properties you can define in the Job Posting Content Type.

Name Description
Job Posting The title of the job (not the title of the posting). For example, 'Software Engineer' or 'Barista.
Job Description The full description of the job in HTML format.

The description should be a complete representation of the job, including job responsibilities, qualifications, skills, working hours, education requirements, and experience requirements. The description can't be the same as the title.

Valid Tags include br, p, ul, li, strong, em and headings h1 through h5.
Date Posted The original date that employer posted the job.
Education Educational background needed for the position.
Industry The industry associated with the job position.
Valid Through The date when the job posting will expire. This is required for job postings that have an expiration date.
Employment Type Type of employment. You can select more than one employment types.
Hiring Organization
Organization Name The organization offering the job position. This should be the name of the company.
Organization URL The organization URL offering the job position. This can be the company's official website.
Organization Logo The organization logo offering this job.
Salary The base salary of the job.

You can also use a dash to enter a salary range. For example: 70 - 100.
Salary Unit The salary unit.
Salary Currency The currency used for the main salary information in this job posting.
Job Location
Country The country where the employee will primarily work.
Address The address where the employee will primarily work.
Locality The locality where the employee will primarily work.
Region The region where the employee will primarily work.
Postal Code The Postal Code.
General rule: Always markup content that is displayed on the page to visitors. Doing otherwise you may end up with a Spammy Structured Markup Penalty.