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How to add Recipe Schema to Joomla

Updated 17 Aug, 2022

The Recipe snippet is ideal for pages which describe a recipe. You are able to mark up your recipe content with structured data to provide rich cards and host-specific lists for your recipes, such as reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation times, and nutrition information.

How to markup Joomla Pages with the Recipe Schema

From the main menu choose Components -> Google Structured Data. Click on Items from the left sidebar and then on the New button to create a new Structured Data Item.

How to markup Joomla Pages with the Recipe Schema

On the next page, you will need to prepare the Structured Data Item. Enter a Title (it can be anything) and select the Recipe Content Type from the respective dropdown.

The Recipe Structured Data

Τhe Integration option may vary depending on the component you want to markup at that time. View the Supported Integrations.

Next, click to save the Structured Data Item. Once the page reloads, a new section called Recipe appears below where you can map each property with page data.

The Recipe Schema JSON-LD Properites

To read more details on how the mapping works, visit the respective section in the How to Add Structured Data to Pages guide.

Recipe Schema Properties

Here's a table of the properties you can define in the Recipe Content Type.

Name Description
Title The name of the recipe.
Description A short summary describing the dish.
Image Image of the completed dish or recipe.
Author Creator of the recipe.
Rating Value The rating for the article.
Review Count The count of total number of reviews.
Category The type of meal or course the recipe is about. Eg: dinner, entree or dessert.
Cuisine The region associated with the recipe. Eg: French, Mediterranean, or American.
Preparation Time The length of time it takes to prepare the recipe. Enter time in minutes.
Cooking Time The time it takes to actually cook the dish. Enter time in minutes.
Total Time The total time it takes to prepare the cook the dish. Enter time in minutes.
Calories The number of calories in each serving.
Servings The quantity produced by the recipe. Eg: number of people served, or number of servings.
Ingredients The ingredients used in the recipe. Don't include unnecessary information, such as a definition of the ingredient.
Instructions The steps to make the recipe.
Video URL The video that depict the recipe on the page.
Keywords Comma separated terms (tags) describing the recipe. Eg: summer, halloween, quick, easy, athentic.
Date Published The date and time the recipe was published.
Date Modified The date and time the page of the recipe was most recently modified.
General rule: Always markup content that is displayed on the page to visitors. Doing otherwise you may end up with a Spammy Structured Markup Penalty.