Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a (growing) list of frequently asked questions about schema markup and Google Structured Data

How can I automatically create a Content Type for all pages?

To be able to create structured data dynamically for all pages or target pages by their categories, try the v4.0 developer release which implements the new Publishing Rules feature. To download it visit the Developer Releases section.

Is it possible to generate a Content Type for a list of Items in a Category or Blog View?

Unfortunately, none of the available Integrations (Articles, K2, HikaShop) of Google Structured Data component supports generating a Content Type (Article, Product) in a Category or Blog List view due to the different implementation that each extension follows to load its content.

Can I have multiple Content Types on the same page?

Google doesn't clarify anywhere in their documentation if it is allowed to markup a single page with multiple Content Types such as Product and Article.

How long does it take for structured data to appear on Google?

Although 4-12 weeks seems to be a common time quoted, there is no a set time when they will appear. Adding structured data doesn't guarantee that Google will display rich snippets even if the markup is technically correct. More information on this topic can be found on the Structured Data not showing in Google article as well.

Why the Google Search Console reports no structured data?

Google Search Console is not a real-time tool. It extracts relevant data from the index and it won't show anything until the site has been successfully re-crawled and the structured data is processed into the index. This is an automated process that can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the authoritative level of your site and the frequency of content changes.

Does it support a front-end rating module?

It does not support a front-end rating module because this functionality is completely out of the scope of this extension's purpose. A purpose which is to exclusively create Structured Data that do not interfere in any way with the Design of your Joomla website.

However, with Google Structured Data v3 in combination with Joomla's voting plugin, you do not have to worry about manually adding or updating the rating data because they are automatically generated.

As you can imagine, the recommended voting plugin is Joomla's default voting plugin. Take a look at JoomlaBeginner's article on how to enable voting on Joomla Articles.

How to markup my Real Estate pages?

Given that Google do not have any special support/rich snippets specifically for real estate agents, LocalBusiness would be the type you would want to use.