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Creating Your First Form

Published in Convert Forms
Updated 11 Dec, 2023

Creating a new form with Convert Forms is a refined and easy process. Regardless of your technical knowledge, you'll find that it is quite easy to be up and running within minutes with a very beautiful form. Let's see how!

  • Navigate to Components > Convert Forms > Forms.
  • Click New.
  • You will be greeted by a form gallery, as seen in the screenshot below, allowing you to choose a template for your new form or create a new one from scratch.
  • After you pick your template or even start a new form from scratch, you will be navigated to the Form Builder. Take a look at our Form Builder Documentation for extensive guidelines on how to proceed.

The Form Library

Convert Forms provides a variety of pre-made form templates that you can choose from and get started.

convert forms gallery

The Form Library aims to provide ready templates for the most common categories, allowing you to get started collecting submissions faster and easier.

Whether you're looking for an inline template, sidebar template, or even bar template, we've got you covered!

The Bar templates are ideal for positions with ample horizontal space but not much height. For example, a Smart Sticky Bar with Engage Box

Of course, you can also click the Start from Scratch button at the top right in case you don't want a template.

Are you missing a template? Let us know by clicking here.