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How to Create an RSForm Popup

Published in EngageBox
Updated 08 Jan, 2020

RSForm comes with a module and a plugin as extras. In order for you to use RSForm with Engage Box you need to have at least one of them installed and configured. Then, depending on which one you have installed, choose one of the two procedures described below.

1. Using RSForm shortcode

The prerequisite for this method is to have the RSForm Content Plugin installed. Once you've installed it you will be able to use its shortcode inside an article or a custom module in order to load an RSForm.

How to use rsforms with engage box

Make sure that

  • Go to Components > Engage Box
  • Click New from the top bar
  • Enter a popup title in the Title field
  • As seen in the screenshot, write inside your editor the RSform shortcode.
    e.g. {rsform 1}
  • Save & close!

Remember to change the number 1 inside rsform's shortcode to the ID of the form you want to appear inside the box. Also, in case you have turned off the "Prepare Content" option in the Engage Box settings, make sure that you have it turned on for method 1 to work.

2. Using RSForm Module

The only prerequisite for this procedure is that you have already a configured and published RSForm module. After that you should follow our guide for How to load any existing Joomla! Module.