How to open a box by clicking on a menu item

To trigger your Engage Box when a user click on a menu item you only need the specific menu item's class.

How to find the menu item's class

Find the menu ID

  • Go to Menus All Menu Items
  • Write down the ID at the far right of the menu item you're interested in like in the picture above
  • The menu item's class is .item-ID where ID is the number you wrote down previously

How to configure your Engage Box

set onclick event and menu class

  • Go to Components Engage Box
  • Create new box by clicking on the New button from the top bar
  • Write your own message on the Custom Text field
  • Write a title in the Title field
  • Under the Trigger tab choose on Click on the Trigger Point field
  • Type in the Trigger Element field the menu item's class you found previously
  • Save your box!


The method shown above on how to find the menu class is possible only when the template hasn't overriden Joomla's default configuration.
In that case take a look below on how to find the menu class with Google Chrome.

how to find the menu class id with chrome inspector in joomla

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