Layout Overrides

Published in EngageBox
Updated 26 Feb, 2021

EngageBox uses the Joomla MVC, that means you can copy any view or layout in your own template and personalize it as you want. Each box type (Custom Text, Email Subscription Form, Load Existing Module e.t.c.) is using its own separate layout file which can be overridden in your own template by just copying that file to your template folder.

The layout overrides feature requires EngageBox v4.2.1+

Override the main layout

To override the main layout used to display each popup, copy the file


to your template's html folder


Override the layout of a box type

Each EngageBox box type is shipped as a separate Joomla plugin and its layout can be overriden in your template. The available plugin names are:

Box Type Plugin Name
Email Subscription Form emailform
Existing Module module
Freetext custom
iFrame iframe
Image image
Social Media social
Yes / No yesno

To override the layout of a box type, copy the file


to your template's html folder