Layout Overrides

Engage Box uses the Joomla MVC, that means you can copy any view or layout in your own template and personalize it as you want. Each box type (Custom Text, Email Subscription Form, Load Existing Module e.t.c.) is using its own separate layout file which can be overridden in your own template by just copying that file to your template folder.

The main benefit is that you will be able to update or upgrade it without losing your settings. Once you copied the file in your own template, you can modify the copied file as you want. Joomla will check if that file exists in your own template and load it, otherwise it will use the default file the extension's folder.

Available Layouts

Override the main rstbox.php layout

Copy the file administrator/components/com_rstbox/layouts/rstbox.php in templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/layouts/com_rstbox/rstbox.php

Override the Custom Text layout

Copy the file administrator/components/com_rstbox/layouts/custom.php in templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/layouts/com_rstbox/custom.php

Override the Email Subscription Form layout

Copy the file administrator/components/com_rstbox/layouts/emailform.php in templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/layouts/com_rstbox/emailform.php

Override the Load Existing Module layout

Copy the file administrator/components/com_rstbox/layouts/module.php in templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/layouts/com_rstbox/module.php

Override the Social Media layout

Copy the file administrator/components/com_rstbox/layouts/social.php in templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/layouts/com_rstbox/social.php

Override the IFrame layout

Copy the file administrator/components/com_rstbox/layouts/iframe.php in templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/layouts/com_rstbox/iframe.php

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