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Trigger based on the minimum time visitor spent on the site

Published in EngageBox
Updated 03 Jan, 2020

You can trigger a box based on the minimum time a visitor spent on the whole website by using the Time on Site assignment found on the Publishing assignments tab under Joomla User / Visitor. You can enter a time in seconds. For example: If you want to make a box available only after the visitor has spent 2 minutes on your whole website enter 120.

engagebox publishing assignments time on site setting


  • Time is calculated based on the time visitor's session started.
  • The calculations and the trigger take place on each page load.
  • The calculated time resets when the browser is closed.
  • If the time has come after the page has loaded then a new pageload is required.

If you want to trigger with a delay on every page load you should use the Animation > Delay option found on the Trigger tab.