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Create a Twitter Follow Button Box

Published in EngageBox
Updated 29 Apr, 2020

Create a Twitter Follow Button Box

This tutorial will help you create a Twitter Popup Box. This popup will display a twitter follow button and because time is everything it will be triggered 10 seconds after a visitor has landed to your website.

How do I find my Twitter handle

Your twitter handle is your twitter name. The name that you respond to when tweeting someone and people identify you as. It has the @ sign in front of it, and if you take the @ sign off you can just type in twitter.com/(Twitter Handle) and you'll be at their twitter page.

Create the Box

  • Go to Components -> Engage¬†Box
  • Create a new Box and set Published to Yes
  • Enter "Follow Me" on the box title
  • Choose the Social Media option from the Box Type listbox
  • Choose the Twitter Follow Button option from the Social Plugin listbox
  • Enter your twitter handle (without the @)

Trigger options

twitter popup trigger options

  • Set the Position to Center
  • Set the Trigger Point to Page Load
  • Set After Close Stay Hidden for Ever
  • Choose your prefered animations
  • Set the Animation Delay to 10000 (10 seconds)

Appearance options

twitter popup appearance options

  • Set Width to 400px and Height to 200px
  • Set Center Align Content to Both
  • Set Border Style to Dashed
  • Set Border Color to #1b95e0 (Twitter Color)
  • Set Background Overlay to Yes, Color to #000000 and opacity to 50%

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