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Create fullscreen message popup

Published in EngageBox
Updated 08 Jun, 2023

Create fullscreen message popup

A super simple tutorial which helps you to create and display a fullscreen popup message when the page is loaded with 10 seconds delay.


  • Navigate to Components >¬†Engage Box
  • Create a new Box by clicking the "New" button in the Dashboard or from the top bar.
  • Content Tab
    • Select the "Yes No" Box type.
    • Set a Box title at the right of your screen.
    • Write your own custom message in the "Headline" field.
    • Fill in the rest of the "Yes No" fields according to your goal. However, we highly recommend that you set either the Yes or the No button to close the box On Click for usability purposes.
  • Behavior Tab
    • Set the Trigger Point to "on Page Ready".
    • Set the Delay to 10000.
  • Design Tab
    • Set your preferred colors.
    • Set the Box Width and Box Height to 100%.
    • Disable the Background Overlay.
  • Set the desired Publishing Assignments.
  • Publish the Box.
  • Enjoy your Fullscreen Popup!


For advanced styling use the Custom CSS field under the Appearance tab.