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Display a popup before user leaves your website

Published in EngageBox
Updated 02 May, 2020

Read the following steps in order to create a popup using the Exit Intent Technology of Engage Box and display a message to your visitors before leaving your website.

  • Go to Components / Engage Box
  • Create new box by clicking on the New button in the top bar
  • Write your own message in the Custom Text field.
  • Write a title in the Title field
  • Under the Trigger tab select on Exit from the Trigger Point dropdown field
  • To trigger the Exit Intent once, select Once Per Page under Firing Frequency or Unlimited to make the Exit Intent appear every time user tries to leave your website.
  • To set the time the box will appear after the user leaves your site, set the Minimum Time to milliseconds (1000 milliseconds equal to 1 second).
  • Under the Publishing Assignments tab, optionally choose the pages you want to display the popup on by clicking Include or Exclude in the Menu Items box
  • Save the box
  • Go to your website and try to leave it by moving your mouse at the most top position of your browser
  • Tada! Enjoy your box!

engagebox exit intent trigger option


The Exit Intent Technology captures the mouse position in order to determine the user's intention to leave your website and it's not supposed to work on touch devices such as tablets or smartphones.