How to create a SalesForce Optin Box

A SalesForce lead form has great potential within your website. Here's the step-by-step guide.

Before everything you have to follow all the steps as they are described in SalesForce's Help Document all the way to step 9 where you will end up with the needed generated HTML.

How to use the generated HTML

SalesForce Web-to-Lead HTML

Once you are finished with SalesForce's steps you'll end up on a screen like the screenshot above from which you can copy the generated HTML.

Now, let's follow the steps below to create our Engage Box

  • Go to Components Engage Box
  • Create new box by clicking on the New button from the top bar
  • Write a title in the Title field
  • Click on the Toggle editor button at the bottom of your editor
  • Paste in the textarea the generated HTML code from beforehand
  • Click again on the Toggle editor button at the bottom of your editor
  • Save your box now or set some of its other settings first and then save!
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