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How to Display a Joomla Module in a Popup (Modal)

Published in EngageBox
Updated 23 Mar, 2024

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate different methods for displaying any Joomla module in a popup, also known as modal or lightbox, using the EngageBox Joomla popup extension.

1. Use the Existing Module box type

The easiest way to convert any module into a modal popup with EngageBox is using the built-in Existing Module box type. 

  • Go to Components -> EngageBox.
  • Click "New" button to create a new box or edit your existing one.
  • Select "Existing Module" on the "Box Type" option at the right sidebar.
  • Select the module you'd like to load in the Content tab, as shown in the picture below.

Display a Joomla Module in a Popup or Modal or Lightbox

2. Use the Joomla built-in {loadmoduleid} shortcode

Joomla allows you to display a module anywhere in your content using the {loadmoduleid XX} shortcode, where XX is the module's ID. This is useful when you've already created a modal popup using the EngageBox's Freetext Box type and would like to display a module within your existing popup's content. Another advantage of this method is that you share the same module content between different popups.

Display a Joomla Module in a Popup or Modal or Lightbox using Joomla Shortcode

To be able to use the {loadmoduleid} shortcode, you must first enable the Content - Load Modules plugin.

Note for Custom HTML Modules

If you're trying to load a Custom HTML module that includes 3rd party plugin shortcodes, these shortcodes will likely remain unparsed. To fix this issue, you'll need to enable the Prepare Content option found in the Options tab of the module settings.

modules prepare content option