Create a Facebook Like Page Box

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Updated 14 Sep, 2016

Create a Facebook Like Page Box

Facebook is a great social media platform to promote your business, products, and services. So you may want to create a popup to your Facebook page in your website to help spread the word.

This tutorial will help you create a popup box like this with Engage Box which gets triggered 10 seconds after the user has landed to your website.

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How do I find my Facebook Page URL?

In order to find your Facebook's Page URL, visit your Facebook Page and copy the URL at the top of your browser.

If you can't figure it out, View this video

Create the Box

  • Go to Components -> Engage¬†Box
  • Create a new Box and set Published to Yes
  • Enter any title you like
  • Choose the Social Media option from the Box Type listbox
  • Choose the Facebook Page Like option from the Social Plugin listbox
  • Enter your Facebook Page URL
  • Leave the Tabs field empty
  • Set the fields Hide Cover Photo, Use Small Header and Show Friend's Faces to Yes
  • Set Width to 400px


  • Set the Position to Center
  • Set the Trigger Point to Page Load
  • Set After Close Stay Hidden for Ever
  • Choose your preferred animations
  • Set the Animation Delay to 10000 (10 seconds)


  • Set Width to 400px and Height to 155px
  • Set Padding to 0px
  • Set Border Style to None
  • Set Background Overlay to Yes, Color to #3b5998 and opacity to 80%

Choose your preferred publishing assignments and enjoy!