Using the Javascript API

The entire functionality behind Engage Box is based on a jQuery plugin built from scratch. This plugin gives you the ability to manipulate any box by calling specific functions such as open or close. Also you can use even more specific events to listen on, such as beforeOpen and beforeClose.



Open the box



Close the box


Close and Keep Hidden

Close the box and keep it hidden using the duration you have set on the After Close Stay Hidden field.


Set the cookie expiration time

Manually set the time you want the box to stay hidden. This command overrides the After Close Stay Hidden and the Cookie Duration field values.

In Seconds

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["seconds", 200]);

In Minutes

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["minutes", 120]);

In Hours

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["hours", 12]);

In days

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["days", 7]);

For Ever

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["ever"]);

For Session

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["session"]);

Remove the Expiration Cookie

$("#rstbox_1").trigger("setCookie", ["remove"]);



This event fires before the box opens

$("#rstbox_1").on("beforeOpen", function() {
	// your code


This event fires after the box opens

$("#rstbox_1").on("afterOpen", function() {
	// your code


This event fires before the box closes

$("#rstbox_1").on("beforeClose", function() {
	// your code


This event fires after the box closes

$("#rstbox_1").on("afterClose", function() {
	// your code

One-Time Events

There are times when you want to attach a handler to a box's event that is executed at most once per box per event type. Just replace the jQuery on method to one.

Firing once the afterOpen event

$("#rstbox_1").one("afterOpen", function() {
	// your code

Firing once the afterClose event

$("#rstbox_1").one("afterClose", function() {
	// your code


Document ready combined with self enclosure

Please note that any above example will not work unless you wrap it with the Combined Document Ready - Self Enclosure snippet.

jQuery(function($) {
	// your code goes here

Note: The above code blocks refair to the box with id #1 for demonstration purposes. Replace this number with your box's id.


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