How to create a AcyMailing Optin Box

Creating an Acymailing Optin Box is a simple process. Let's see how it's done.

How to create the box

how to create an acymailing subscription box

  • Go to Components Engage Box
  • Click New from the top bar
  • Enter a popup title in the Title field
  • Select Email Subscription Form from the Box Type drop-down list
  • Type your Submit URL (check below on how to find it)
  • Type user[email] for the Email Field Name input box
  • Type user[name] for the Field 1 Name input box
  • For the label input boxes it's safe to use the ones in the screenshot
  • Save & Close!

How to find the Submit URL

First of all, the Submit URL looks like this,2,3

how to find the id of an acymailing list

The only thing we need to find in order to come up with a Submit URL is the hiddenlists parameter. The hiddenlists parameter is a comma separated list of list IDs from the Acymailing Component.

To find the list IDs go to Components AcyMailing Lists and you'll end up in a screen like the screenshot above.

For the screenshot above the list IDs are 1,2 and therefore the Submit URL will be,2

Of course you don't have to use ALL the list IDs. You only have to use at least one.


If you want to avoid going through the process above and instead want to use an AcyMailing module that you have pre-configured then all you have to do is follow the steps described in the Load any existing Joomla! module article.


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