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The Display Conditions

Published in EngageBox
Updated 09 Dec, 2022

The Display Conditions give you the ability to instruct in fine detail when the popup needs to be displayed or not.

Where to find the Display Conditions

To find the Display Conditions you need to navigate to any of your popups or create a new one and then click the "Display Conditions" Tab from the horizontal bar as depicted in the screenshot below.

Display Conditions Tab

Define where the popup should appear

Before setting up the display conditions, the first thing you need to set is when the popup should appear.

Define where to display the popup

Take a look at that the available options in the table below.

Method Description
On all pages The popup will appear sitewide, on all your site's pages.
Mirror popup Makes the popup mirror the Display Conditions of another popup.
Set conditions Define your own conditions to ensure your popup appears under certain scenarios.

Available Display Conditions

To learn how to use each condition and where it could be useful to you, pick the one you're interested in from the list below.