The Publishing Assignments

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Updated 04 Jan, 2020

The Publishing Assignments give you the ability to instruct in fine detail when the box needs to be displayed or not.

Where to find the Publishing Assignment

To find the Publishing Assignments you need to navigate to any of your boxes or create a new one and then click the "Publishing Assignments" Tab from the horizontal bar as depicted in the screenshot below.


The Matching Method

Before setting up the assignments the first thing you need to setup is whether the assignments should all or any of them assignments be matched.


Take a look at that the available options in the table below.

Matching Method Description

Will be published if All of below assignments are matched.


Will be published if Any (one or more) of below assignments are matched.
Assignment groups where 'Ignore' is selected will be ignored.

Available Publishing Assignments

To learn how to use each assignment and where it could be useful to you, pick the one you're interested in from the list below.